So i was listening to The End by McFly. i have been listening to this song for two and a half years now and the lyrics finally hit me, finally woke me up.
Here is an extract
…Everybody knows the end
Don’t wanna get there wishing
That you given more
It’s not over, till it’s over
So how do we begin
when everybody knows the end

Is where you hope you never say
“I could of done it better”
And I’m gonna keep accounts
And throw away what doesn’t really matter

And I wanna die (and I wanna die)
On the highest high (on the highest high)
It’s not over (its not over)
Till it’s over
I wanna stay here forever….

For the as long as i can remember i have just lived. Basically just waiting for death, not doing anything especially good or especially bad. But i want to be remembered…
So from this day forward i am going to become the best version of myself!!
…i just realised that’s a lot easier said (typed) then done…
ok here are some ideas:
1) i’m gonna deleted twitter =O (edit:just remove a LOT of the people i follow…i cant go completely)
2) i’m gonna smile even when i feel like crying (stupid cliché),   I am gonna to appear happier by smiling at any given opportunity because i read somewhere that smiling actually makes you happy…lets test it out
3) gonna compliment at least three people a day
when i think of more i will let you know =)
if you read this and have any ideas then let me know =)